The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment (which is also known as the Endowment) forms part of a group of three independent but associated trusts (including E2 Investments (Pty) Ltd and the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation).

All three trusts share the joint challenge of addressing the unacceptable levels of poverty and unemployment in Southern Africa and have a fundamental purpose to foster responsible entrepreneurship for the common good, including in particular the creation of employment opportunities.


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In seeking to improve the overall context in which the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation operates, the Endowment additionally supports initiatives that address structural barriers in education which hamper employability. These are the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship and the Funda Wande Reading for Meaning programmes. Click on each logo for more information:



The Endowment was primarily established to ensure the financial security of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, due to the long-term nature of the commitments made by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. Click on the logo for more information:



In order to reinforce the overall purpose of the Endowment, the Endowment has initiated a once-off, more immediate programme to support well-established organisations that have an excellent track record in directly addressing unemployment.


Allan Gray


Allan founded Allan Gray (Pty) Ltd and Orbis Investment Management Limited (Orbis). Allan and his wife, Gill created the Allan and Gill Gray Charitable Trust in 1979 and in 1991,

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Allan established the Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship at Harvard Business School. In 2006, he co-founded the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation in Southern Africa. Allan has two honorary doctorates, and many achievement awards. He retired as Executive Chairman of Orbis in 2016 to devote his time to the Allan and Gill Gray Foundation.

Futhi Mtoba


Futhi is a former Partner and Chairman of Deloitte Southern Africa. She was the first woman President of Business Unity South Africa and the Association for the Advancement

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of Black Accountants and was a member of the UN Global Comact, IMF Advisory Group SSA, WEF Global Advisory Council, B20 Financing Growth and Infrastructure Task Force. She is a Non-Executive Director of South 32 Limited; Chairman of WDB Trust and the Council of the University of Pretoria. Futhi co-founded Teach South Africa and is a Nelson Mandela Foundation and Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow.

Andrew Lapping


Andrew joined Allan Gray (Pty) Ltd in February 2001 as a fixed interest trader and moved to the research team as an equity analyst in February 2003. He was appointed as fixed

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interest portfolio manager in June 2006, began managing a portion of client equity and balanced portfolios in February 2008 and was appointed as deputy chief investment officer in May 2015, and Chief Investment Officer in March 2016. Andrew completed his BSc (Eng) and BCom at UCT and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Trevor Manuel


Trevor was Cabinet Minister in the South African government from 1994 to 2014 and held several ex officio positions in international bodies. He is Chairperson of Old Mutual Group

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Holdings and on the boards of Old Mutual, SwissRe and SABMiller Plc, Senior Advisor to and Deputy Chairperson of Rothschild, Chancellor of Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Honorary Professor and Senior Political Fellow at UCT and Professor Extraordinaire at University of Johannesburg. He holds 8 honorary doctorates and is a Doctor of Laws.

Professor Njabulo Ndebele


Professor Ndebele is Chairman of Nelson Mandela Foundation and Mandela Rhodes Foundation, Chancellor of University of Johannesburg, holds a PhD (Creative

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Writing) and received Honorary Doctorates in South Africa, Japan, United States, UK and Europe. He served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at University of the Western Cape, Vice-Chancellor of University of Limpopo, Vice-Chancellor of UCT, Chair of South African Universities Vice-Chancellor’s Association; President of Association of African Universities; founding Chair of Southern African Regional Universities’ Association. He chaired three South African Government Commissions.


The Endowment is a trust registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) created via a single primary donation of R1 billion by Mr Allan Gray.

The Endowment’s support is limited to the following programmes:

  • The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation whose mission it is to foster a community of responsible high impact entrepreneurs.
  • The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship whose mission it is to foster a community of expert teachers, education leaders and social entrepreneurs.
  • Funda Wande: Reading for Meaning whose vision it is for all children in South Africa to be able to read for meaning in the first 3 years of school.
  • 10KJ whose mission it is to fund the creation of 10 000 jobs through the support of 10 organisations.

No, the Endowment does not accept any unsolicited applications for funding.

The Endowment was created by way of a R1 billion donation to the Endowment by Mr Allan Gray from the sale of his personal shares in the private asset management company, Allan Gray (Pty) Ltd.

No, these are two separate trusts formed at a similar time.

The Endowment’s primary purpose is to provide financial support to the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, if required.

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s primary purpose is to foster a community of responsible high impact entrepreneurs.


Unfortunately the Endowment does not consider unsolicited applications.